Essential Tomato Collection
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This collection contains what we consider to be the best selection of all the different tomatoes we offer. Cherry tomatoes for snacking, slicing tomatoes for ealy season use, big beefsteaks for those sandwichs, and a paste tomato for sauce so you can enjoy your harvest into the winter.


This collection includes one plant each of the following tomatoes: 

  • Bush Early Girl
    One of the first tomatoes to be ready in the season. A more compact bush plant with uniform fruit of excellent flavour. 63 days
  • Celebrity
    Our top recommended all-around slicing tomato. It was our go-to tomato when we grew pick-your-own tomatoes. Highly producive, vigorous, and outstanding flavour. 70-75 days
  • Big Beef
    Our favourite hybrid beefsteak which can have up to twice the yeild of the classic starting earlier in the season. 73 days
  • Carolina Gold
    A yellow beefsteak type with lower acid content. Colourful and tasty with strong plants. 75 days
  • Sunsugar
    One of the sweetest cherry tomatoes that matures to a beautiful orange colour. High yield and a year-after-year top performer. 62 days
  • Supersweet 100
    When you think it can't get any better, this variety ripens earlier than most cherries to start your season off on the right foot. 57-62 days
  • San Marzano
    The classic Italian paste tomato. High yielding with less moisture, perfect for sauces. 70-80 days