Can I pre-order for pickup in the future?

No. When you place an order, we begin gathering the items that are currently mature enough to leave the greenhouse. Because of the nature of crop-cycling where we often have multiple similar crops using the same space during the season, we are unable to hold your order for future pickup. Unlike widgets that can be collected and stored together, different plants have different growing conditions and are sorted over a multi-acre growing site where the conditions match their needs. A perfect herb in a 4" pot available for purchase online today will not be the same in 3-4 weeks. Some crops are intentionally planned to be ready earlier than others based on the space and growing conditions in the greenhouse. We are a true farming operation, not a buy-and-sell garden centre.

When will my order be ready for pickup?

Once an order is placed, we pull orders in sequenced batches as fast as we can. We aim to have all orders ready for pickup within 72 hours. During peak times, this may not be possible and there may be delays. You will recieve an e-mail or phone call when your order is ready.

Do you offer delivery service?

Not yet. We are currently working on the logistics of offering delivery but there is currently no option to do so online. If you require delivery, please contact us and we will review delivery requests case-by-case until such time we have a reliable delivery option available.

How do I select the seeds I want to order? I don't see a complete seed listing online?

Rather than listing all the seed packets we have, we simply implimented catch-all categories of seeds. Select the number of packets you want and submit your order. When you receive your order confirmation, reply to that e-mail with your requested seed list and we will do our best to match it up with what is available. If we don't have the seeds you're looking for or it happens your seeds end up a lower price, we will ensure you only pay the right price for what seeds you get.

I received a notification that my order was canclled. Why?

As soon as we receive your order, we go through the greenhouse and gather all in-stock and ready plants. When these items are pulled, you will be contacted that they are ready and can be picked up. Although we strive to only have plants available online, plants are living things and may not quite be ready to be shipped or meet our quality standards. We always ship was is avilable, but missing plants will be cancelled and we attempt to adjust our store to no longer accept orders for those plants until such time they meet our standards. Should you want them again, please feel free to order once they are again available on our site.

Why can't you simply backorder or pre-order plants?

We are a full farming facility and grow all our own perennials, annuals, vegetables, and flowers. Unlike a manufactured widget, plants aren't grown once and last indefinitely. Crops get planted in stages through the season and become ready at staggared intervals. Some crops get cut back and rejuvenated during the season which puts a temporary hold on their availability until they flush out. In order to deliver the plants we grow of the best quality, we chose to adapt our purchasing system to accomodate our planting schedules rather than the other way around. As always, our crop qualtiy remains our priority.

How can I use my gift certificate or credit note against my purchase?

Unfortunately, all our gift certificates and credit notes require person-to-person contact. Because of the current COVID-19 situation, we are not able to process any Gift Certificates or Credit Notes at this time. All Gift Certificates and Credit Notes remain valid and do not expire, but currently cannot be redeemed since they are treated like cash.

We are currently exploring new Gift Certificate and Credit Note options for our online store.

I have a Richmond Nursery Garden Club membership. How does that apply to the online store?

Unfortunately, the Garden Club is currently not applicable to online purchases.

Why is my credit card charged before items are shipped?

In order to provide the highest level of privacy and security, we do not maintain any credit card data in our systems. Therefore your credit card gets processed immediately once the order is placed and your card details are discarded. We have the ability to refund anything not available at the time of shipping against the transaction without needing or maintaining your credit card data. This process protects your card data from malicious attacks.