What is the pre-order system that is being offered?

We offer a fall pre-order of plants for spring delivery. Products available for pre-order consist of larger volumes of bedding plants and collections of vegetables. We do not offer mix-and-match, single plant, or custom mixes.

The online pre-ordering will be available only until December 31st of each year.

At the time of the pre-order you will be required to pay a deposit and the delivery fee in advance. When plants are ready in the spring, you will be notified to pay the balance of your invoice and your plants will be delivered.

When will my order be delivered?

Typically orders will be delivered between early and mid-May. Deliveries take place based on production cycles not by appointment or request. Plants are delivered early in the season so you are sure to have all the plants you want in time for planting. You may need to climatize your plants if weather conditions are still not appropriate for outdoor gardening at the time of delivery.

How does the deposit work?

In order to place a pre-order, a non-refundable deposit consisting of the delivery fee and a portion of your order value will be charged upon placing the pre-order.

Can I cancel or change my order prior to shipping?

You can cancel your order, but the deposit paid is non-refundable and you will lose your deposit.

Once pre-orders are placed, orders are fixed and cannot be changed. Make sure you have selected all the correct plants you want before placing your order.

Why can orders not be changed/refunded?

Upon placing an order, we schedule the requested plants in our production queue and allocate all the necessary materials for production like seeds, cuttings, pots, soil, tags, etc., automatically. Since we are allocating and puchasing materials for your plants in advance, the deposit ensures at least a portion of cost of production is covered.

Why can I not pickup my order?

In order to provide plants in the best possible condition, we time all our crops for a very specific ready date. By delivering orders, we are able to ensure the plants are going out at the correct time at their peak health. It also ensures that no orders are forgotten and go to waste.

How can I use my gift certificate or credit note against my purchase?

Contact us in advance of placing your order if you have a Gift Certificate or Credit Note you wish to use against your order.

I have a Richmond Nursery Garden Club membership. How does that apply to the online store?

Unfortunately, as we have closed our retail facility, the Garden Club no longer exists.

Why is there a minimum order size and multiples of bedding plants?

In order to keep delivery costs at a reasonable level relative to your order cost, a minimum order value has been implimented to keep delivery costs proportately lower.

Our annual production is based on full tray volumes and those volumes are what are being offered for pre-order.

Feel free to work with your friends and neighbours to pool your orders to reach our minimums.

Is there no way I can purchase just a single plant I want?

Our pre-order system is based entirely on collections and full trays of plants. In order to purchase single plants, you must visit a partner Garden Centre for those types of purchases during the main gardening season.

What is the warranty on your plants?

We guarantee all plants are heathy and true to species at the time of delivery. No additional warranty is expressed or implied.

Some perennials may be shipped dormant with little to no top-growth. Annuals are often delivered in a "green" state pre-flowering. This ensures the healthiest plant and a proper fill with the highest level of success.

What size of pot does my plant come in?

Pot sizes do vary depending on the plant. We attempt to match the size of the pot to the vigour of the plant. Because of differences in measuring convensions in the industry, sizes may not be an exact representation of the actual pot size. Generally speaking the following applies:

Vegetables are mostly in 3.5" square pots, with a few larger or longer crop types in 4", 4.5" , and 5" pots.

Herbs are provided in 4" square or 4.5" round pots as well as bowl planters as specified. Bay Laurel is in a larger pot because of the long crop time.

Annuals sold in trays of 15 plants are most often in 4" square pots. Some annuals are sold in 4.5" round pots also in a tray of 15.

Annuals sold in trays of 8 are grown in ~5" pots as these plants have greater vigour.

Annuals sold in multiples of 6 are provided in "trade gallon" pots which are taller pots, approximately 6" in diameter (their volume is not actually one gallon).

Perennials are typically supplied in deeper square ~2-quart pots, trade gallon pots, or tall 21cm pots.

Plants in other pot sizes than these multiples are listed in their descriptions.

I have my own planter I want planted for the spring. Can you do that?

We continue to offer our custom planting service for those people who bring their planters to us in the fall/winter for spring pickup. Contact us with your request since each custom planter is quoted individually based on the requested content.