How does pre-order plants work?

As Richmond Nursery is converting to a wholesale/trade operation and closing retail operations, we are offering fall pre-order for spring delivery only to consumers. Collections of plants will be available for pre-order from September to December for delivery in May of the following year. This method allows you to plant your garden in advance and know exactly what you're getting. It also allows us to adapt our prodction to ensure you have all the plants you want for your graden at the right time.

To make a pre-order, you shop online as you would normally. Once your cart is full, you complete your pre-order with a deposit and payment of the delivery fee. In the spring, once all plants are confirmed and approaching delivery, you will receive a notification to complete your order and pay the balance. Your order will then be delivered in the spring with all the plants you selected.

Can I pickup my order instead of having it delivered?

For the pre-order program, we only offer delivery. As we will not have a retail facility staffed for customer service, plants will be collected, prepared, and delivered as crops become available. This ensures no plants will remain packed resulting in quality deterioration or excessive damage.

Why can I not order single plants that I want?

In order to efficently produce and grow our plants and complete the order collection and delivery process, we have chosen to limit sales to the most common plant collections. Our collections are tailored to the most complimentary groupings of plants based on requests from previous years.

If you are looking for individual plants outside of the collections we offer, we will make available a list of Garden Centres and Outlets where our plants are available for a la carte purchasing in the spring.

Will I be able to purchase plants online in the spring?

No. As Richmond Nusery will be closing all retail operations, this includes last-minute ordering for immediate delivery. Our focus remains the production of our plants and we value the expertise of other garden retailers that offer our plants for sale in the spring.

Why is there a minimum order?

As all plants in the spring are being delivered, the minimum order value ensures that the delivery process and fees become efficient and affordable to as many people as possible. Small orders would have a proportionally high delivery cost. Our minimum order value ensures that the proportional delivery cost remains fair and reasonable.

Feel free to work with your friends and neighbours to pool orders for delivery to meet the minimums.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order, but in doing so you will forefit your deposit and any associated delivery fees already paid. All deposits are non-refundable.

How can I use my gift certificate or credit note against my purchase?

In order to use Credit Notes or Gift Certificates, the original document must be mailed or dropped off to us and we will convert it to an online credit. Before dropping off your documents with us, be sure to have an online account created on our store as we will need that information to attach the credit.

This credit system is still in development and may time additional time to complete.

I have a Old Richmond Nursery Garden Club membership. How does that apply to the online store?

As the Richmond Nursery is converting to a trade/wholesale operation with consumer sales limited to online pre-ordering, historical Garden Club Points are no longer applicable.

What are the grab-bag of plants offered?

During production, sometimes plant tags fall out or get damaged, or sometimes we find some plants are good performers, but less popular and don't meet our minimum volumes required to continue to produce. Our grab-bag assortments are random collections of these plants offered at a deeply discounted price. We suggest these collections for experienced gardeners since many will be delivered simply as a plant in a pot with no identification or care instructions.