Perennial collections contain an assortment of plants and the exact flower or leaf colour of the plant may not match photographs presented on the site. When a mix or non-specific cultivar is listed, the most approriate and healthiest plant of the species will be selected to match the collection at the time of shipping.

All deposits paid at the time of order placement are non-refundable.

Once plants are confirmed in the spring and nearing the time of delivery, you will be notified via the e-mail used to place the order that plants are being prepared. The e-mail will contain instructions to complete the final payment. Orders not paid within 21 days of initially being notified will be considered forefit.

Orders can be cancelled, but any and all deposits paid will be forefit. Orders cannot be changed or altered in any way once placed. Please ensure that your order is correct before submitting your order.

If we are unable to supply a specific plant due to unforseen circumstances, you will be contacted with possible substitution options, or you can apply your deposit toward the balance due on you order.

Delivery is based on seasonal weather conditions and will take place when the weather is appropriate. Plants are delivered early in the season to ensure your order is fulfilled. It is your responsibility, once having recieved your plants, to ensure they are maintained and are cared for appropriately. As plants are delivered in the spring and there is a potential for frost events, you are responsible to ensure your plants are cared for and protected appropriatly.

All plants delivered are guaranteed to be healthy and true to species at the time of delivery. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

Some perennials may be delivered dormant with little or no top-growth, depending on crop-cycles. Annuals may also not be in flower at the time of delivery, depending on species. All plants are inspected for viability and species verified prior to being delivered.

All information on this site is presumed correct at the time of publishing. As plants are living things, sometimes crops fail or are not available. We reserve the right to modify or cancel orders based on availablilty. You will be contacted prior to delivery if there is a problem with the plants on your order.

Container sizes listed on this site are based on internal naming conventions of various container sizes and may not be a true representation of actual container volume or measurements.

Images contained herin are best representations of the products available. Some images are courtesy of Ball Horticultural Company and other partner growers and their subsiduaries and partners.