Salsa Collection
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There's nothing quite like fresh salsa. This collection of plants gives you what you need to make your own great salsa. Just add your own lime, onions/garlic, and seasoning to taste.


This collection includes one of each of the following plants you need for your own salsa:

  • Tomato Celebrity
    Our top recommended all-around slicing tomato. It was our go-to tomato when we grew pick-your-own tomatoes. Highly producive, vigorous, and outstanding flavour. 70-75 days
  • La Bomba Jalapeno Pepper
    An excellent perfoming Jalapeno pepper producing lots of large fruit with good heat. 65-70 days
  • Cilantro
    The classic herb as a perfect compliment to spicy dishes.
  • Tomatilla Super Verde
    The green fruited tomato-relative with a papery coating is a key ingredient in genuine salsa. 75 days