Slicer Tomato Collection
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Slicer tomatoes are the everyday workhorses of tomatoes. Good flavour, high yeilds, and quality fruit over a longer span in the season make slicer tomatoes a staple of any garden.

If you're a first-time tomato grower, this is the perfect collection to get yourself started.


This collection contains one plant each of these slicer tomatoes:

  • Better Boy
    One of the best and oldest of the hybrid all-around tomatoes. High yeilds of smooth fruit with excellent flavour. 75 days
  • Bush Early Girl
    One of the first tomatoes to be ready in the season. A more compact bush plant with uniform fruit of excellent flavour. 63 days
  • Celebrity
    Our top recommended all-around slicing tomato. It was our go-to tomato when we grew pick-your-own tomatoes. Highly producive, vigorous, and outstanding flavour. 70-75 days
  • Manitoba
    An old Canadian developed tomato aimed at the shorter prarie season. A compact bush-type plant produces firm, smooth, and bright tomatoes. 58-80 day