Snack Garden Collection
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A great collection of things you just can't help snacking on in the garden. No need to cook and prepare, just walk through the garden and have a snack!


This collection contains one each of the following plants:

  • Bean Green & Gold Mix
    French fillet beans that are fresh, crisp, and stringless. 55 days
  • Cucumber Patio Snacker
    A very productive plant well suited to small spaces or containers. Produces many great tasting and eary fruit. 50-55 days
  • Pepper Fresh Bites
    A very compact plant that produces many smaller red, orange, or yellow peppers. 85 days
  • Alpine Strawberry Mignonette
    A "wild" strawberry type producing small fruit on a compact plant. 80 days
  • Cherry Tomato Sunsugar
    One of the sweetest cherry tomatoes that matures to a beautiful orange colour. High yield and a year-after-year top performer. 62 days
  • Cherry Tomato Supersweet 100
    When you think it can't get any better, this variety ripens earlier than most cherries to start your season off on the right foot. 57-62 days
  • Hot Pepper Time Bomb or Cherry Bomb
    Produces lovely red cherry fruit about 4cm diameter with a slightly smoky flavour. 65-70days
  • Sugar Snap Peas (six-pack of plants)
    Sweet edible pod peas have a high yeild and tolerate cool and warm weather. 62 days
  • Physalis Little Lanterns
    Also known as the Cape Gooseberry or Ground Cherry. This tomato relative produces many small golden fruit covered in a paper lantern. The perfect sweet snack. 70 days