Squash Collection
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Squashes tend to be one of the most overlooked but easy to grow and healthy vegetables for the garden. This collection contains a variety of both summer and winter squash for a broad diversity of culinary options and storage. Share this collection with your extended family and neighbours and build a squash network of growing and sharing.


This collection contains one plant each of the following Summer Squash:

  • Zucchini
    The traditional summer squash. Productive and delicious. Try grilling young fruit on the BBQ brushed with Olive Oil, or use more mature fruit for soft breads. 45-50 days
  • Lemon Sun
    A very vigorous and productive scallop squash producing an abundance of unique bright yellow tasty fruit. They make the perfect vessils for stuffing when mature and extremely tender when harvested young. 40-45 days

It also includes one plant each of the following Winter Squash:

  • Bush Delicata
    A less common squash with a white and green striped fruit, smooth flesh, and a sweet, nutty flavour. Long storage life and very ornamental on a more compact bush-type plant. 95 days
  • Early Butternut
    An earlier maturing butternut more suitable for northern climates. Strong but compact semi-bush plant produces excellent yeild of firm tasty fruit. Makes excellent soups or baked. 82 days
  • Primavera Spaghetti
    Another more compact restricted-vine plant that produces plenty of high-quality fruit. Easy to cook in the microwave and served with a butter-honey sauce, but be sure to poke lots of holes in the skin to prevent the dreaded spaghetti explosion! 90-95 days
  • Sweet Mama Kabocha
    Dark green fruit with a wonderful nutty flavour on compact bush-type plants needing less space for the same yeild. Grows and matures more like a summer squash but with the flavour and storagability of a winter squash. 45-50 days
  • Table Ace Acorn Squash
    The tried and true acorn squash producing lots of large black-green fruit. 70 days