Sweet Pepper Collection
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Add a little colour to your sweet pepper crop. Though most peppers begin green, many mature to differing colours, sizes, and shapes making for a colourful feast at the table. Ripe peppers showing full colour are sweeter than their green counterparts.


This collection contains plant each of the following bell peppers:

  • Baron
    Early prolific hybrid bell pepper matures to Red, 68 days
  • Better Belle
    Large blocky bell fruit harvested primarily green but mature to red, 75 days
  • Early Summer
    Strong plants producing extra-large bell peppers that mature to yellow, 70-75 days
  • Orange Marmalade
    Sweet and flavourful bell pepper maturing to orange, 70-75 days
  • Giant Marconi
    A very large sweet pepper maturing to a lovely red colour. Plants are high yeilding yet somewhat compact. 63 days
  • Gypsy
    An early vigorous continuous-fruiting non-bell sweet pepper matures to shades of yellow-orange to red, 60-65 days
  • Sweet Sunset
    A long sweet tapered banana pepper matures to a yellow red, 85 days