Tough Spot: Wet Area Collection
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Tough Spot: Wet Area Perennial Collection


Modern houses often have low swail areas which can be hard to make look good. This collection addresses that problem with a number of perennials tolerant of more wet conditions. They're also pollinator friendly making this collection perfect for the urban yard.

This collection contains the following wet tolerant perennials:

  • Lobelia cardinalis
    Cardinal Flower
  • Hibiscus moscheutos 'Luna Series'
    Common Rose Mallow or Perennial Hibiscus
  • Asclepias incarnata
    Butterfly Weed
  • Actaea x cultivar (Cimicifuga)
  • Iris sibirica cultivar
    Siberian Iris
  • Eupatorium rugosum cultivar
    Joe Pye Weed
Exposure Sun
Plant Use Spring Blooming, Summer Blooming, Fall Blooming, Pollinator Friendly